This short video explores the connections between the fresh water flows in the Apalachicola River Basin and the health of tupelo trees and the bee colonies that produce tupelo honey.

Tupelo Honey and the Apalachicola
River Basin
Apalachicola River - Introduction

This short video provides an overview of the complex forces stressing this ecosystem, making the Apalachicola the #1 most threatened wild and scenic river in the U.S.

Tommy Ward and the Decline of the Oysters

Longtime Apalachicola Bay oyster man and business owner Tommy Ward provides an intimate look at the human impacts of declining ecosystem

Local Voices of the Apalachicola River

An evocative exploration of the local voices that attempt to make sense of an ecosystem in danger.

Biodiversity and the Apalachicola River Basin Hotspot

One of five major biological hotspots in the U.S., the Apalachicola River Basin is critical habitat for an amazing range of plants and animals.

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