Protecting the Apalachicola River, named the country's most threatened wild and scenic river in 2016, involves bringing attention to the various ecological, economic, political, and cultural facets of river life impacted by the complex issues stressing the river basin. Be sure to follow the social media campaigns outlined below:

The Tupelo Trees, Bees and Honey of Apalachicola

Save the Trees & Bees is a part of an interdisciplinary effort to save the threatened area of Apalachicola River and its surrounding floodplain. The white tupelo tree (nyassa ogeche) is a southern treasure and we are here to bring awareness of its dwindling habitat and impacted economy.

The water levels of the Apalachicola are not only important to the tupelo trees, they are vital to southern beekeepers as well. Without enough water, the tree population will suffer, and in turn so will the production of tupelo honey. 

Visit our project page to learn more about Apalachicola's "southern gold."

The Economic Aspect: One River Apalachicola


The people in this community have been born into the fishing industry generation after generation. The water wars occurring both upstream and downstream could potentially wipe out the entirety of the seafood industry, not to mention all the other local businesses that depend on the tourism industry’s success within Apalachicola Bay.  Help us as we seek to bring economic life to Apalachicola and spread awareness of our One River.



Oysters of Apalachicola

The oysters produced in Apalachicola Bay are undoubtedly superior and are considered one of the finest in the nation. Oysters of Apalachicola is a social media campaign that raises awareness about the deterioration of the oyster population in Apalachicola Bay, as well as the suffering economic state of the region due to this decline. Our goal is to send a petition of at least 500 signatures to the Army Corps of Engineers, asking the organization to help rebuild the oyster population by fixing the water levels from the ACF river system which flows into the Apalachicola Bay.

Follow our campaigns on social media!

Preserve the Apalachicola River Culture

Our Campaign focuses on the Apalachicola River that flows through North Florida. Our overall goal for the campaign is to make people aware of the fundamental threats on the river and how the threats affect the culture and people around it.


We stand up for the traditions, ideology, beliefs, traits, values, and lifestyle of individuals that live on and near the Apalachicola River.


The River Runs Deep In All of US!

Water Wars: The water war affecting Florida's Apalachicola River
Florida, Georgia, and Alabama have been in turmoil over the future allocation and consumption of water in two major river basins that cross their borders (the Alabama-Coosa-Tallapoosa and the Apalachicola-Chattahoochee-Flint basins).  For decades this war  has involved local, state and federal agencies, as well as legislation and politics. Each state has its concerns . Our campaign specifically focuses on  how this water war affects Floridians.  Florida is  dependent on the Apalachicola Bay to sustain society. The  outcome of this war is dependent on awareness of the environmental issues facing the region today.

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